Image 1 by Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson Q&A

The Black Gaze means positive representation and progress. As a person of colour I find we do not get many opportunities for representation in the art community that views us in a positive way. Platforms like The Black Gaze are vital to the progress of Black creators and positive representation of who we are as a people

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Image 1 by Elsie Kibue-Ngare

Elsie Kibue-Ngare Q&A

The Black gaze is looking at Black people and their experiences from the Black perspective without the interference of the ever so present White gaze. It matters as it is an opportunity for telling our own stories as our representation of who we are matters and not the idea of who we are from ‘the other’.

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Image 2 by Schaun Champion

Schaun Champion Q&A

My experience of being a black female photographer has been mixed with discouragement from lack of representation, lack of opportunity, fighting for equal pay as well as recent interest in the way we capture black skin and document our own existence.

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Sandra Harper Q&A

I’ve been researching my family tree for years… My challenge is how do I document my ancestry and produce something visual? Well, the ancestors live on through my mother.

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Image taken by Robert N Jones

Robert N Jones Q&A

The black gaze means everything to me. It’s my (our) point of view. It is a reflection of our experiences. It’s everything we encounter, feel and live through. It matters because, it’s our side of the story. It’s our form of expression. You can’t tell the complete human story without our perspective!

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