Image 1 by Ayesha Kazim

Ayesha Kazim Q&A

For me, this involves taking ownership of how we see ourselves, especially through works of art (photography, writing, painting, music, etc). It’s about reclaiming how we choose to be identified, seen and related to.

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Image 1 by John Ferguson

John Ferguson Q&A

The term Black gaze signifies to me that I’m unapologetically Black… When one learns the Black gaze for themselves, they’re purposely allowing their presence to be seen, heard and challenged, with or without prejudice.

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Exhibition Open Call Martin Parr Foundation

Martin Parr Foundation Exhibition Open Call

The Martin Parr Foundation is offering an emerging UK-based curator a unique opportunity to present a photographic project.

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Image 1 by Dawn Hester

Dawn Hester Q&A

To me the Black gaze is when people are surprised and/or shocked I’m not a wedding photographer.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong being a wedding photographer but all Black photographers aren’t.

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Image 1 by Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste

Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste Q&A

The Black Gaze means looking at Black subjects with kindness, empathy and nuance. It means that as Black people we can be seen as we truly are and not with preconceived notions of who we are. It’s important because images are powerful.

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