Image 1 by Anselm Ebulue

Anselm Ebulue Q&A

I see the Black gaze as an alternate or oppositional perspective and viewpoint on account of my/our own experiences and reality.

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Image 1 by Abigail Ekue

Abigail Ekue Q&A

As a Black woman, everything I shoot is from the Black gaze but not exclusively FOR the Black gaze. When my work is viewed and provokes, it’s proof that the Black gaze doesn’t have to be ‘othered’.

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Image 1 by Ibarionex Perello

Ibarionex Perello Q&A

For me, this involves taking ownership of how we see ourselves, especially through works of art (photography, writing, painting, music, etc). It’s about reclaiming how we choose to be identified, seen and related to.

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Image 1 by Chin We

Chin We Q&A

The Black gaze means to me celebration of Black perspectives in photography. It matters to me because Black is my identity.

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