Image 1 by Kim Vurzie

Kim Vurzie Q&A

For me, it is a whole different world for black creatives, reflecting the importance of art, how it represents our view of the world be it human behaviour, nature, etc, and the way it affects our lives as well.

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Image 1 by Iko-Ọjọ Mercy Haruna

Iko-Ọjọ Mercy Haruna Q&A

The Black gaze to me is the unique exploration of Black identities and stories of Black families through the lens of Black artists.

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Image 1 by Dominique Terteweh

Dominique Terteweh Q&A

The Black gaze is something that comes attached to a black person when their experience has been exploited for the benefit other than black people.

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Image 1 by Chris Facey

Chris Facey Q&A

To me it means seeing the world through the eyes and experience of Black men and women. It matters because Black men and women experiences have always been dismissed and disrespected in society and it needs to change.

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Image 1 by Aisha Bada

Aisha Bada Q&A

The Black gaze means identifying Black people for who they are. It’s important because Black people are Black for a reason and they shouldn’t be looked at weirdly.

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