Image 1 by Mango Daniel

Magno Daniel Q&A

This question has come to me a few times, in many different contexts and places in the world and each time my answer is the same, the Black gaze, is the perception of ourselves and that also answers why it matters.

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Image 1 by Zaria Love

Zaria Love Q&A

The Black gaze means an admiration of everything Black. Admiration that is not only external but also internal. Internally in regards to politics, culture, emotions, and mental illness. Overall, the Black Experience.

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Image 1 by Vanessa Charlot

Vanessa Charlot Q&A

To me, the ‘black gaze’ is about shifting the visual power and narrative to, and through, the lens of Blackness.

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Image 1 by Bria Woods

Bria Woods Q&A

The Black gaze is home. It’s not foreign, it doesn’t trigger my need to survive and determine whether I’m safe, much like the White gaze does.

The Black gaze is not trying to ask if I’m good enough or if I fit a certain mould. The Black gaze appreciates me for who I am.

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Image 2 by Charlene Duron

Charlene Duron Q&A

The Black gaze is an intuitive perspective laid out with the purpose of improving how the reality is staged.

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