Image 1 by Chris Facey

Chris Facey Q&A

To me it means seeing the world through the eyes and experience of Black men and women. It matters because Black men and women experiences have always been dismissed and disrespected in society and it needs to change.

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Image 1 by Aisha Bada

Aisha Bada Q&A

The Black gaze means identifying Black people for who they are. It’s important because Black people are Black for a reason and they shouldn’t be looked at weirdly.

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Image 3 by Tope Ajayi

Tope Ajayi Q&A

The Black gaze is laying bare every element of existence and telling actual stories of what we feel about the world ourselves as Black people.

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Image 1 by Julie Héron

Julie Héron Q&A

We finally get to see the world through black eyes. It is so important to have the point of view and perspective of people who are used to being photographed and not be the photographers.

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Image 1 by Darnell Temenu

Darnell Temenu Q&A

The Black gaze means to express, inspire and create from your own unique point of view in the world, without any limitations or boundaries.

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Image 1 by Karis Beaumont

Karis Beaumont Q&A

Being a photographer comes with responsibility, so for me the Black gaze means telling our stories without confusion or harm to our community. Intention is important.

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