Image 1 by John Ferguson

John Ferguson Q&A

The term Black gaze signifies to me that I’m unapologetically Black… When one learns the Black gaze for themselves, they’re purposely allowing their presence to be seen, heard and challenged, with or without prejudice.

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Image 1 by Dawn Hester

Dawn Hester Q&A

To me the Black gaze is when people are surprised and/or shocked I’m not a wedding photographer.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong being a wedding photographer but all Black photographers aren’t.

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Image 1 by Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste

Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste Q&A

The Black Gaze means looking at Black subjects with kindness, empathy and nuance. It means that as Black people we can be seen as we truly are and not with preconceived notions of who we are. It’s important because images are powerful.

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Image 1 by Chiyana Ankhrah

Chiyana Ankhrah Q&A

To me, the Black gaze means to see and understand through Black eyes. To read and listen. To comprehend, not to respond.

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Image 1 by Rachel Seidu

Rachel Seidu Q&A

For me the Black gaze means seeing and telling my own stories myself, changing the western perspectives of us, it matters because I live these stories, I am these stories, I am in the right place to tell them.

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Image 3 by Dante Nicholas

Dante Nicholas Q&A

We often hear about the issue of “the White gaze” and so I think of Black gaze as the answer to that. Just this year, we’ve started to see Black photographers like Kennedi Carter and AB+DM Studio shoot major magazine covers.  This year. We’re JUST now seeing these firsts at Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ.

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