Image 1 by Zaki Grant

Zaki Grant Q&A

The Black gaze has echoes of the male gaze. I do, however, think that as a Black man it is my duty to re-appropriate how White people see us and how we see ourselves.

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Image 1 by Kay Hickman

Kay Hickman Q&A

The Black gaze is simply the perception of the Black person(s). It’s a view of the world from a voice that has long been silenced and as such, forces a target audience to engage true Blackness, dismantling the privileges in their perception.

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Image 1 by Hilina Abebe

Hilina Abebe Q&A

The Black gaze means looking within, it means revisiting stories that were documented by the white folk when it comes to our own stories.

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Image 1 by Ebuka Mordi

Ebuka Mordi Q&A

It’s amazing how Black creatives can be interviewed and their process documented, it inspires.

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Image 1 by Camille Fontaine

Camille Fontaine Q&A

It’s hugely important that each community has the opportunity to have their human experience expressed through their multifaceted gaze, to disrupt the pre-existing colonial schools of thought that are presented in media, design and arts.

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Image 1 by Michael V Louis

Michael V Louis Q&A

The way I see this world matters because the way it is has not been designed for me to fit in, or feel like I belong, or that I truly matter.

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