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Charlene Duron Q&A

Charlene Duron talks photography with TheBlkGaze.

The Black gaze is an intuitive perspective laid out with the purpose of improving how the reality is staged. It matters to me since artists can, and will be able to, step into the world with all they’ve got. Inspiration and fearless story telling prevails.

How does this relate to your photography practice?

I love altering perspectives. I love drowning in diverse creativity. Being able to be part of such a space, is all I long for.

What do you want to say or address with your photography?

Everything there is about life.

Image 1 by Charlene Duron

What influences and inspires you? How is this reflected in your work?

Daily life. Thoughts. Simple daily actions. Culture. Outfits. Colour. Life.

My work tells a story. It holds something familiar to at least someone out there. I enjoy creating from the abstract space to the physical world.

Who are your favourite Black photographers from the past? Why?

Robert A. Sengtacke and Coreen Simpson. Both of them have authentic work that for sure intrigues and inspires. It is art at its best, in my opinion.

Image 3 by Charlene Duron

Please describe the highs and lows of your experience as a Black photographer?

Stereotype perspectives and opinions. Lack of recognition especially by our local government and other people who see photographers as a cash machine.

Image 4 by Charlene Duron

What work are you producing and what more would you like to do?

I create wallpapers and print some of them, on a small scale. I would like to venture into travel photography with a purpose of selling prints. Food photography is also another field I’d love to dive deep into.

About Charlene Duron

Charlene Duron is an exciting freelance photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya who strives to ‘show it’ as she sees it.

We first discovered Charlene thanks to Elsie Kibue-Ngare’s 30 Day Photo Challenge.

You can find more of Charlene’s work on her Instagram account.

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