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Julie Héron Q&A

Julie Héron talks photography with TheBlkGaze.

We finally get to see the world through Black eyes. It is so important to have the point of view and perspective of people who are used to being photographed and not be the photographers.

How does this relate to your photography practice?

I am doing mostly travelling photography. I did a lot of architecture and outdoor. As a French Black woman, I didn’t get to see a lot of people who look like me, from where I am from, doing the kind of photography that I am doing. I am not saying they don’t exist though. I want to make sure that travelling photography is not only about one perspective.

What do you want to say or address with your photography?

I am not really sure of what I want to address, to be honest. I think maybe, to welcome people into my world for a little while.

Image 2 by Julie Héron

What influences and inspires you? How is this reflected in your work?

Colors and nuances are a major part of what’s moving me. I currently lives in Portugal and the lights here is one of the best I have ever seen so far.

Who are your favourite Black photographers from the past? Why?

I recently discovered Gordon Parks and I love his work. I don’t have lot of knowledge regarding former Black photographers. I was born and raised in France and the Black culture is not as visible as it can be in the US or in UK. We have been feed from the narrative that we are all the same but at the same time we are erased from the photography scene.

Image 3 by Julie Héron

Please describe the highs and lows of your experience as a Black photographer?

For me, the highs are when I discover another photography style. It’s usually happening every 3 to 6 months. Then my work is all about it for the next 3 months.

The lows are the moment of self-doubt. In the time of likes culture, sometimes it gets difficult to be happy with your work when it feels like your work is not enough appreciated.

Image 4 by Julie Héron

What work are you producing and what more would you like to do?

I am doing mostly outdoors, architecture and landscapes. I also recently tried macro. In the future I would love to do more portraits and life events.

About Julie Héron

Julie Héron is a French traveller and photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. en making work centering the Black community throughout his career.

You can find more of Julie’s work on her Instagram account.

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