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Ola Adegoroye Q&A

Ola Adegoroye talks photography with TheBlkGaze.

The Black gaze to me is seeing the world through the eyes of Black people, their experience, thoughts and interactions.

How does this relate to your photography practice?

Living in a predominantly white town I have to force myself through my photography to be authentic and unapologetically Black which I hope I achieve especially with my personal projects, tacking subjects such as colourism, appropriation and racism.

What do you want to say or address with your photography?

I especially want to see Black women as desired beautiful and feminine. Which a lot of the time isn’t the case in mainstream media.

Image 2 by Ola Adegoroye

What influences and inspires you? How is this reflected in your work?

Every thing and anything from vintage film to a walk in the Chiltern hills where I live.

Who are your favourite Black photographers from the past? Why?

Coreen Simpson. I loved the way she photographed people especially the avant garde style she used.

Image 3 by Ola Adegoroye

Please describe the highs and lows of your experience as a Black photographer?

I’ll start on a high, with being invited to speak on BBC radio Woman’s Hour to talk about photographing Black women. The lows will be not being offered the same opportunities as my white counterparts. I really do hope that’s changing with more editors asking for Black creatives and Black artists demanding it .

Image 4 by Ola Adegoroye

What work are you producing and what more would you like to do?

About to start a Black femininity project. Think Black women in flowing dresses and flowers.

About Ola Adegoroye

Ola Adegoroye is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Buckinghamshire, England. A former hair stylist and make-up artist, Ola’s work is centred on helping women realise their beauty through fine art images.

You can find more of Ola’s work on her website, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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