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The June 2021 Newsletter

The June 2021 newsletter is the first to feature a guest editor.

Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste is the first person to guest edit our monthly newsletter. The former Q&A collaborator is an avid fan of our newsletter so we were excited to collaborate on this edition.

Karene-Isabelle’s has definitely stamped her eye and perspective on the content which has delivered a newsletter that offers diversity and depth with a Caribbean twist.

It was a joy to watch Karene-Isabelle work her Black girl magic. She has blessed us with the same thoughtfulness she injects into her portrait work. The result speaks for itself.

Thank you to Mercy and Elsie for their feedback.

Thank you to Karene-Isabelle for a job well done. We look forward to our next collaboration. For now, we hope you enjoy the richness of our June 2021 newsletter.

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