Image from Unfiltered Photography interview with Shaun Connell, Founder of TheBlkGaze

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Shaun Connell, founder of TheBlkGaze recently spoke with Richard Hollins at Unfiltered Photography. Richard, a photographer and writer is an avid follower and advocate of TheBlkGaze having first encountered the platform via social media.

Richard’s interview with Shaun touches on many issues relating to TheBlkGaze and includes this response to a question on what’s surprised Shaun since he started TheBlkGaze in October 2020.

What’s surprised me more than anything is the level of support that Black women are giving each other. It’s on another level.

Let’s go back in history a little. If you ask most of the people I’ve interviewed who their past idol is, Gordon Parks is going to come up. And he’s a serious anomaly. There’s nobody else that was his equal at the time and he was occupying a space and had access to resources that 50-plus years on, most of us don’t have access to. Particularly Black women.

Shaun extends his thanks to Richard and the team at Unfiltered Photography for inviting him to contribute to their excellent blog. To read the full interview, visit the Unfiltered Photography website.

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