The Q&A

In conversation with Black photographers

The Q&A is open to Black photographers across all genres, ages and genders. If you would like to take part then we would love to hear from you.

Image 1 by Kay Hickman

Kay Hickman Q&A

The Black gaze is simply the perception of the Black person(s). It’s a view of the world from a voice that has long been silenced and as such, forces a target audience to engage true Blackness, dismantling the privileges in their perception.

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Image 1 by Camille Fontaine

Camille Fontaine Q&A

It’s hugely important that each community has the opportunity to have their human experience expressed through their multifaceted gaze, to disrupt the pre-existing colonial schools of thought that are presented in media, design and arts.

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Image 1 by Tobi Sobowale

Tobi Sobowale Q&A

The Black gaze to me is about unapologetically showing the world through your eyes. Whether it be capturing people, food or landscapes. It is an opportunity to tell your story, without narrowing its explanation in order to communicate its message to a particular audience.

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