Image 1 by Rachel Seidu

Rachel Seidu Q&A

For me the Black gaze means seeing and telling my own stories myself, changing the western perspectives of us, it matters because I live these stories, I am these stories, I am in the right place to tell them.

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Image 1 by Taesirat Yusuf

Taesirat Yusuf Q&A

The Black gaze to me means directing the focus of the world on to the Black creatives and showcasing the talents and versatility of black creatives.

It is important because there’s not enough representation of black creatives and we need to start pushing out ourselves to the world.

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Image 3 by Immaculata Abba

Immaculata Abba Q&A

To me, the black gaze is one of the many gazes on the margins of photography’s history so far and the margins of mainstream western art institutions.

The black gaze in particular is one that is also a vital means through which black people are able to represent our cultures and understandings of the world.

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